the iRegular project is an educational project aimed at enhancing the learning of English irregular verbs in a visual and easy way.
The first edition of this project has 54 verbs presented through an iPad app. Every word is illustrated and designed so that students can understand its meaning in a visual manner.

Now, in San Francisco, CA we want give to know this project and search new collaborates here. We are 100 profesionals in the team. If you think too that we can change the world, sponsor a verb!

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Ayudame a cambiar el mundo enseñando inglés de forma visual

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coautores en the iRegular project

These are the co-authors that are currently participating in the iRegular Project. Illustrators, creatives and artists in general, like anak&monoperro o Rafael Vivas. And you, would you like to be a co-author of this book?

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que gano por colaborar

1. You will appear as a coauthor of the book in any registration of intellectual property.

2. You will be listed as a coauthor of a book alongside very talented illustrators, creatives, and designers.

3. A link to your portfolio will be shown next to the verb(s) you have designed. I cannot yet confirm the number of downloads the book will have, but every viewer of the book will be directed to your portfolio.

4. We have 10.000 downloads only in the iPad versión, the project has been in radio, TV, TEDx sessions, etc We have a lot of visibility and you'll have visibility for your work.

5. And the chance to add another project to your CV and portfolio!

1. The fulfillment of a dream. The materialization of an idea I have had in my head for some time. The investment of all my efforts in bringing this project to life.

2. Regaining the enthusiasm I had when I started in this profession. Working in an agency can be very hard. This project is a way to reinvent myself and restore my enthusiasm :)

3. I believe in this idea and I believe in it's value. I don’t want to get rich with this. I want the book to be freely downloadable. The money needed to fund the second part of the project will be collected via sponsorships to keep this book free.

4. And I believe quality educational material should be accessible to every one.

Here you can find some materials that are useful in developing your iRegular verb. Write to with any questions ^_^

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PDF Press release

Download some examples of design of verbs
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